Qvis 5000H UV-Visible Spectrophotometer  

Qvis5000H is perfectly compatible for C-MAC analysis kits and most Hach analysis products. With precise monochromator and AGC circuits, it provides more detailed and accurate measurements.

Qvis 5000H is a UV spectrophotometer having diverse application on wastewater, boiler, distilled water, surface water, coolants, biotechnology, agriculture, education and research.

With AGC circuits and LC Mirror Changer, Qvis 5000H provides excellent accuracy and revival. It is designed for measurements up to 0.1nm. With +0.5 nm accuracy and 0.1nm revival, it is able to detect system failures before booting up.

Qvis 5000H has diverse applications not only as a general purpose spectrophotometer but also for analysis of kits. By using a 8 P-Cell adaptor it can be configured to measure 8 cells simultaneously including the blank. Additionally, it has another adaptor for 1 inch and 16mm round type cells.

It’s small compact design with a 10 X 7.5cm large Liquid Crystal display, enables diverse graphic images and minimizes eye fatigue. One of the unique features the of Qvis 5000H is it’s ability to display the last 10 saved standard curves on a hot menu window.

Optical System split beam
Spectral Band Pass Width < 1.8nm
Wavelength Range 190 ~1100nm
Resolution 0.1 nm
Storage 1000data points. 100user define methods
Accuracy <± 0.5nm (at D₂peak 656.1nm, 486.0nm)
Reproducibility <± 0.1nm
Setting about 7,800nm/min
Slew Rate 5000 nm/min
Scanning Speed Max 4,000nm/min
Range -3.0 ~3.0 ABS (Enable to Set Up)
Accuracy ± 0.005 ABS (at 1.0 ABS)
Reproducibility ± 0.003 ABS (at 1.0 ABS)
Stray Light >2abs
Baceline Stability <± 0.001 ABS/h (at 550nm)
Baseline Flatness <± 0.002 ABS (200- 1100nm)
Monochomater Modified Czerny-Turner type with 1200 lines/mm blazed Grating
Light Source Tungsten-halogen & Deuterium Lamp
Lamp Change Wavelength 340 - 410nm (Default 370nm), including Auto Position System
Standard Cell Holder Rotary type 8 position Multi Cell Holder
Interface ports 4 USB ports / 3 RS-323C ports
Power Requirement Free Voltage
Overall Dimensions(mm) 433(W) x 381(D) x 180(H)
Weight 18 Kg
CR 1000 COD Reactor  
Temperature Range AMB. ~250℃
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Stability ±0.5℃
Sample Capacity 30 holes, 16mm Round Cell
Timer 0 ~ Maximum 4 day(Auto Cut-Off function)
Heating Block Ceramic Coating Aluminum
Light Source 220V, 60Hz(3A Fuse)
Dimensions 245×160×300mm
Characteristic Easy temperature setting Block Coating Auto-Tuing function
Qvis 3000 Visible Spectrophotometer  

Qvis3000 spectrophotometer is a small portable quick-test instrument. The shortest time to finish full-spectrum is 0.0005S.
It has small size and light weight and it is convenient for carrying and manual operation.
It can meet the requirements of labs and spectrum scanning, Kinetics, quantitative measurement, photometric measurement and etc. It also can offer special software for environmental protection for CODcr, Cr, Nitrate, Phosphate, Ammonia and Cyanide, Fluoride…It also preserved functions for other items The measuring method is based on Lambert-Beer’s Law, according to the analysis Methods on the material absorbance to Light.

Wavelength range 380 - 900 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 1.5 nm
Wavelength Resolution 1 nm or better
Wavelength Calibration Automatic at startup
Bandwidth 4 nm
Photometric Range - 3.0 to + 3.0 Abs
Photometric Accuracy 0.005 Abs up to 0.5A; 1% above 0.5A
Photometric Linearity < 0.5% @ 2 Abs
Stray Light < 0.2% at 340 nm
Data storage 250 points with date, time, operator name, sample ID
Interface 2 USB ports for PC and memory/flash drives/Printer
Optional Accessory Rugged Case to carry the instrument to the field.
Power supply Rechargeable battery or AC Adapter
Dimension 267*170*88mm
Input/Display Large touch-screen, 320*240 lattice with backlight
Qvis X100 Colorimeter  
Model Qvis X100
Spectral Bandwidth <10nm
Wavelength Range 360nm, 430nm, 520nm, 555nm, 610nm, 815nm
Selection Automatic
Stray Light >1.0%T at 430nm
Accuracy ±0.002ABS
Photometric Range 0 to 2.0ABS
Linearity 0.9999
Reproducibility ±0.002ABS
Light Source Light Emitting Diode(LED)
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Holder 1 Inch & 16mm Round Cell
External Interface USB 1.0 &2.0(A.A Type)
Display 128X64 Graphic LCD
Power Supply (4)AA Alkaline Cells/SMPS Adapter(DC 5V, 1.0A)
Dimension 110(W) X 245(D) X 48(H)mm
Weight 410g
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