Detailed objectives of our Company along with the background of our Principles which we are dealing from 2004 onwards.

For immediate reference, we furnish here under the details of our Principles names.

M/s: SHAH BROTHERS, MUMBAI. Main Distributor, Exclusive Distributor for all type of ROCKER PRODUCTS for the Lab concerned.

M/s.METALAB,MUMBAI.MainManufactrurer of all type Lab Equipments.

M/s.LIFE-CARE EQUIPMENTS PVT.LTD.MUMBAI. Manufacturing of Ultrasonicators for different capacities.

M/s.C-MAC, SOUTH KOREA. Manufacturing of Spectrophotometers and others for more than a decade and has international exposure on latest trends in manufacturing and project implementation.

M/s.SPURTI TECHNOLOGIES: Is the main dealer of all above companies and of Other Instruments like AirCurtains,Fumigation Machines and Stericare disinfectant solutions

Our Vision
Water is one of the basic elements of life and the most essential ingredients of the life forms. Pure and safe drinking water is the basic need of the human being. Infected, defectively and ill treated water is the root cause of most of the health problems and human misery there by for which enormous amount of money is being spent every year. Human being is privileged to consume safe drinking water to lead healthy and happy life, unfortunately it is not happening so in many parts of the globe because of obvious reasons. As of now, only privileged class of people can afford to avail the facility of pure and safe drinking water, but not the general public by and large.

C-Mac, South Korea has developed a technology to check water quality by measuring different water quality Parameters like Iron, Chlorine, and Flouride etc... This technology is based on pre-programmed type along with reagent.Since this is pre-programmed , it consumes very less time to measure any parameter can expect the reading with in one minite.These kits are available lab as well as field pupose also. This technology not only eliminates conventional hazardous chemicals with dependable eco friendly substitutes, but also helps in cutting the cost of existing models and contributes in improving PUBLIC HEALTH substantially.

Spurti group with its vision to bring sustainable positive developments in the green wealth, health and Eco management for common cause as a part of its social responsibility has successfully incorporated its green technology driven projects under the name of “SPURTI TECHNOLOGIES” to work in the fields of enriching the water quality in India as a mission by associating with the world leading technologies and Organisations.
Our Range of Products
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