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At every stage of manufacturing, dirt, grit and other contaminants can coat product surface and get into tiny cracks and crevices where they can cause big problem. As technology advances, products and component cleanliness is increasingly critical.

Ultrasonic cleaning depends upon cavitation : the rapid formation and violent collapse of minute bubbles or cavities in a cleaning liquid. This activity creates a highly effective and unique penetrating action that blasts dirt from wherever it hides. Nothing cleans faster, safer or more thoroughly.

Technological Advantages For "Fast Clean"Range Over Other Manufacturers
Characteristic / Features Enertech' s Fast clean Other Manufacturers
Ultrasonic Generator In built High Frequency MOSFET based SMPS Linear Power Supply
Efficiency More than 90% resulting into Power saving and faster cleaning. @ 60% hence, power loss and slow cleaning
Input Voltage Fluctuation Drive source largely unaffected hence very stable performance Unpredictable performance
Modularity Available Difficult
Timer Micro Processor Control Digital99 min. come down timer with display. Mechanical Timer without Display.
Optional Features
Dual Frequency Selection Yes No
Pre-Set Auto Degassing Facility Yes No
Pulse Sweep Frequency Yes No
Online Power Frequency And Power Measurement Yes No
"Multifire" (Multi Frequency Output) Yes No
The above reasons clearly imply that the "FAST CLEAN" range are technologically much more advanced and at par with international brands. Compare to the other local manufacturers and with available features as mention above, the cleaning of the instruments are consistent, faster and more effective.
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